Spring is here !

Pere Marquette River fishing reports for Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead by Clint Anderson.

Hi All,

It’s in the 60’s here today but wont be for long, It’s supposed to cool off again soon. Feels really nice !! What to do, What to do. I really do miss all the clients at the Lodge and that I fish with every season. My old boss Stan at Wallside Windows used to tell us window installers all the time,” do you know how lucky you are to have a job” all the time. He was wright..Wise beyond his years I guess. We use to just laugh and say “yea right I’m so lucky” Lol.. We have a trickle of business at the Lodge. The Guide Service has been shut down since Mid March ( That Hurts). The Lodge Center is closed and the hot tub is closed for obvious reasons. We are running lean and not so mean. So if it’s not rented the heat is off and so is the power. So you take normal operations and throw that out the window. The weather is above freezing so no worries of busted pipes or draining things down that is a positive thing.

I feel like Morel Mushrooms should have popped up today. I see Trout rising in the back yard but to bad it’s still closed for another few weeks here above the bridge. Dirt bike is ready for some riding. Got my gear on the other day out of boredom and it started raining after I drove 2 miles. Back to the barn quickly and it poured. Cleaned the pole barn, threw out some junk. Went Perch fishing one day last week kept 13 for fish fry’s. A bunch of people fishing in boats and walking in on the PM. I’ve always said guides are a small fraction compared to walk in’s and people with there own watercraft. There are no car spotters so lots of biking, walking, running from M-37 to Green Cottage. Self spots to Gleason’s all the time. Pile’s of boats parked off to the sides while running the self spot.

Not to much else going on up in Baldwin. Keeping out of trouble and everyone in the family is healthy. I’m lacking the rowing/ wading exercise I usually get this time of year. I’m sorry I don’t have any big fishing report. Fishing by myself don’t sound like much fun unless it’s winter. Personally if I fished on my own it would be solely for Trout behind the spawning Steelhead. That sounds like fun maybe tomorrow I’ll try that and go see if a pan full of mushrooms popped up in the woods. Here is some random pictures as most are things we do this time of year.


Thanks for reading.




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Spring is here !

Hi All, It’s in the 60’s here today but wont be for long, It’s supposed to cool off again soon. Feels really nice !! What


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