Pike and Smallmouth Bass

River Fishing for Pike and smallmouth bass

Pike and Smallmouth Bass

Pike are commonly associated with weedy shallows on inland waters. In the rivers, they are often found around log jams or fallen timber close to the banks. In the Great Lakes regions, they spawn in the shallows in April or May. As a result of their eating habits, young Pike grow rapidly in both length and weight. Females become sexually mature at age three or four years, and males at two to three years. Beyond sexual maturity, pike continue to gain weight, although more slowly. Northern pike have an average life span of six to eight years, with some living as long as 15 years of age.

We commonly fish for Pike May through August with lures on spinning rods and big streamers on fly rods. The state record Pike weighed in at 39 pounds and was 51.5 inches long and was caught in 1961.

*Smallmouth Bass are among Americas top game fish. They are know for their spirited fight making them an enjoyable catch. Michigan Great Lakes and connecting tributaries have excellent Smallmouth populations

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