Spring Is Here

Pere Marquette River fishing reports for Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead by Clint Anderson.

Hi All


We are seeing some nice weather today in the low 60’s and clouding up. Rain and precipitation is in the forecast for the next few days. That is good news for fishermen after almost a week of bright sun and high pressure. I have open 23,24,25,28,29 if anyone is looking to get out on the water. The fly fishing should be stellar for the next 3 or 4 weeks with cloudy rainy days being the best.

Been out on the water having some fun with my friend Tom and his son Mikey for a couple of days of Steelheading. It was Mikey’s first time fly fishing for Steelhead and he caught on quickly. Tom and I installed windows for Wallside back in the Detroit area. It’s always a good time to catch up and get some fishing in. Russ and Brook came down from Traverse City for a little Spring weather and to see how the PM was fishing. Always fun to fish with them. We threw around some streamers, Brook was learning some indicator nymphing and she picked it right up landing some Steelhead on some woolly buggers Russ tied. Fun stuff watching those Rainbows chomp those flies of Russ’s. This past weekend I took Jared and his daughter Alexis for some daddy daughter time on the river. Alexis is quite the outdoorsy little girl hearing all the stories was lots of fun. Her dad Jared has a Deer tracking service to help hunters recover Deer. He has a Dachshund (Weiner dog)ย  that is tenacious in spirt and will stand off against a wounded buck trying to stomp him. It was a fun couple sunny days. The Steelhead were far and few between but we got a Pike and lost a couple drag sizzling Steelhead to wood and log jams. Hope I can get Alexis back out on a few Steelhead this Fall and we hook them in a more open area. The bright sun had us backing my plugs into the log jams to get bit. So it’s a tough way to start a fight with a big Steelie.

My son Adam got a new privacy fence installed at his house and I was overseeing the project for a few days. It was completed just in time for his new puppy Mika a female Dutch Sheppard. Lots of preparation for the new family member. So now the fun begins as the puppy training begins. They are good looking dogs and the working skills these dogs can learn is unlimited, basically pick what you want to teach it and start training. Good looking puppy and can’t wait to see everything Adam and his dog will learn over the next 2 or 3 years.

Like I said above I have quite a few open days to fish on week days so if you want to get out and chase some Steelhead or throw streamers or lures while I navigate the drift boat down the river I’m ready and the river is also.

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Spring Is Here

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