Headed The Right Direction

Pere Marquette River fishing reports for Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead by Clint Anderson.

Hi All

We are trying to melt off the winter blues. with red hot Steelhead. I have been out fun fishing with friends Jeff Hubbard of Outfitters North Guide Service and Scott Brosier of Pine Hill Sportsman’s Club back in the last week of February and we had a great time fishing and catching up with friends. Then 2 days later I had a half day guide trip with Mark and he learned a bunch of new rigging and presentation. Mark had a great time and is off to the races for the rest of the season. Mark is a Trout guide back in Colorado area but wanted to learn a trick or 2 about Great Lakes Steelhead. So in other words I had a pretty easy fun day with Mark. The river is getting busy with anglers so please try not to be rude when on the water, give people their own space. SO My first day guiding I had a couple of guys drop anchor 20′ upstream from my boat at a spot we were fishing..Not Cool..First day out with a customer February 26th. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH RIVER EDICATE. I refrained from getting mad and just left after 15 mins. Mark was really surprised he was actually waiting and wondering how I was going to handle that. I just played nice and took my ball to another hole and caught another fish..You just can’t fix stupid or bad manors/ edicate. I just rowed on down the river laughing at what a couple of dinks they are and how poorly they were raised..

The Red Moose lodge is getting busy on certain days and still slow on others. Phones are starting to ring and that is GOOD.. We still have 10″ of hard crusty snow in the yard and in the woods to melt. The snow banks around the yard have been shrunk but are still a formattable mass. Warm weather is ahead and we are going the right direction. I have a bunch of days open for guided trips so if your looking to get out on the water give me a call. At the moment it is very much a nymphing game for Steelhead and Trout. Small/ Med size eggs, nymphs bounced close to the bottom of the stream with or without a strike indicator your choice.

I personally love throwing streamers for Trout and can’t wait for the water to warm up a bit. The casting and strip, pause, strip, strip, strip, pause, there he is strip strip and the eat yum yum SET.. No finer way to catch a fish really, did you notice I said FISH and that’s because I really like any and all fish that chase down a streamer or a lure for that matter and Strike It. It’s a big fish eat little fish world and I LOVE when they show the angler that side of their personality!! All fish are welcome to chase down my streamer and eat it Trout, Steelhead, Smallmouth, Pike ect ect..

Think warm weather and screaming drags. Give me a call I could use the work after last years pandemic loosing my whole Spring and Summer trips.


Tight Lines



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