Steelhead Run Winding Down

Pere Marquette River fishing reports for Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead by Clint Anderson.

Hi All

There is still some good fishing left in the Steelhead run, but I would say we are well past the half way point and more fish are leaving than new ones are coming up. Dropback Steelhead (are leaving fish, eating there way back to the lake) and Trout are biting well and I’m pretty much using the bed fish as bait piles at this point. Had some Lure trips last week and Tim and Dan had some great fishing. I love back rowing my drift boat and doing casting trips for striking fish, have I ever mentioned that before. LOL . It was fun for all. Next was a half day of fly fishing with Dave and he did well with his new hip and all. Brent and Jeff had a slow day of Steelhead bites, only 3 and several Trout to hand. It was low clear bright sunny and warm, so emerging stone flies put the Trout to hand on 4x. Gregg and his brother had a great bite after the 1.5″ of rain overnight it poured all night and quit about 6 a.m…It was SO Much better fishing than the day before. On Thursday it felt like the run was over, Friday after the rain it was back ON. The fish were super happy on Friday and Saturday you could tell it was slower because they feed up good the day before and it was a brighter day didn’t help Saturday. Sunday was a good bite but the landing ratio was a little off and the Steelhead won most of them but not all the battles.

So all and all Steelhead fishing is holding up pretty good. It felt like the Trout Opener last week on Sunday–Wednesday 65 -70 deg days Very Nice. Seen some pretty good hatches and even a pretty good dry fly feed in the evenings..I was excited for Trout !! I have fished in Blizzards April 3–10 before in 2007 that was a super nasty week low 10–high 25 with snow accumulations, Boo Boo..

Meka is doing good at 11 weeks old. Making it up and down the stairs, eating good. We meet Adam at a exit by his house to see him and Meka. Really nice puppy.

Don’t know much else. I have some open days in April 20,21,26,28,29 would love to row you down the river and catch some fish but first you need to call me. 231-745-6667.

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