Fall Salmon

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Fall is in the air and our Salmon run is in full swing. To bad the PM is running on only it’s Spring feed water. The water is nice and cool and fish are in the system from the tippy top all the way to Lake Michigan and in all stages: entering, staging, spawning, and dead. The water is 6″ low and it is a tough way to float down the river as of late, really skinny water in places. Pick the wrong seam and you will be getting out and pushing in the flies only section, mid river down is in fine shape just really low and clear..

We have had 2 frost already so the Mosquito’s are almost non existent which is a big change from last year when we had high water most of the Fall and the Mosquitoes were a issue everywhere.

We have been using flies and fly rods as of late. Winning a few battles and losing a bunch of them. Thanks to all the clients that have showed up for some fun on the river with me.

I have had a few cancellations this Fall here are a few open dates Sept 30, Oct. 1,4,15,17,20,21,23,24..After that I will be going Deer hunting in Missouri and Nebraska. My Steelhead season will resume after I get back starting Nov 23rd. –December and I prefer the cold weather Steelhead to the early season in late October/ Early November ( they just bite better when it’s cold, less people also).

Book a trip and lets have some fun on the river.

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