Salmon Run Is Started

Hi All


The Salmon run is off to the races. It has been a slow start due to hot weather. We got a really nice 1/2″ of rain last Wednesday Night and then on Friday a 1.5″ dumping and had around 2″ in my gauge here at the Red Moose Lodge. I had trips for the weekend and we landed one on Saturday in the afternoon and on Sundays trip we hooked them but they either shook loose or bent out 1 hook. So they just weren’t biting it right on Sunday for us 1 hook and shaking loose = bad hookups and they are not committed to eating it. The days and nights are cooling off. I look forward to more fish in the system over the next couple weeks. Doing some fun fishing tomorrow with a friend and my dad on Thursday. I hope we get a couple to the net over the next 2 days..


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